10 Classic Movie Transformations To Swede

So, we've chosen last month's Historical Battle Sweding Challenge winner ( see it here ) and covered him in prizes for being so brilliant.

Now it's time to do it all over again.

This month's theme is Transformations , so whether you've got a pre-prepared cardboard Optimus Prime costume, or a handful of porridge, you can take part.

Just choose your favourite transformation scene (our suggestions below), recreate it, upload it to YouTube and the link to chris.hicks@futurenet.com . We’ll pick our favourites at the end of June.

Good luck!

The Thing (1982)

Ease of Swede: 6/10

How We'd Do It: Take a blow torch to a mannequin head, stick it upside down on a remote control car, add some spider legs and and drive it around.

Ice cubes in your undershorts should give you that suitably chilly look.

American Werewolf In London (1981)

Ease of Swede : 9/10

How We'd Do It: Fall behind a sofa, scream in pain for a while, throw on a fake beard, teeth, pointy ears and claws, perhaps a mullet wig, then jump back into shot. Bet Rick Baker wishes he'd thought of that.[page-break]

Kirk Lazarus Tropic Thunder (2008)

Ease Of Swede: 10/10

How We'd Do It: Failing boot polish, OD on tanning pills like C. Thomas Howell in Soul Man . Worked wonders for his film career, might work for yours too.

Gollum Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

Ease Of Swede: 6/10

How We'd Do It: Getting the voice right is child's play, but the look is a bit trickier. We suggest stopping eating for a month, shaving all your body hair and avoiding sunlight.

Show that Serkis bloke a thing or too about method acting.

Monster (2003)

Ease Of Swede: 7/10

How We'd Do It: The hardest part of this one will probably be trying to find a pretty girl who wants to go fugly. Once you've got her, feed her deep fried peanut butter sandwiches and make her walk behind a gritter, which should take care of the face.

By this point she should be angry enough to deliver an Oscar worthy performance.[page-break]

The Mask (1996)

Ease Of Swede: 9/10

How We'd Do It: A pot of green play-doh and some cardboard comedy teeth. Then run around like you've lost your onions, Carrey style.

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Ease Of Swede: 5/10

How We'd Do It: Hang out at the local gym and find a suitably large individual who wants to make a film...

Maybe it would be safer to get some green body paint and a pair of those novelty Hulk Hands. Film the whole thing out of focus Cloverfield -style, so we can't tell you aren't exatly Lou Ferrigno. If you are Lou Ferrigno then this should be a cake walk.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (2008)

Ease Of Swede: 8/10

How We'd Do It: With a bit of fancy editing you could make this work. Start off young, and then hunch over, cake porridge on your face to add age and throw some talcum powder in your hair.

Add a little more of each in every shot then cut it together in reverse and hey presto, you're getting younger![page-break]

The Nutty Professor (1996)

Ease Of Swede: 10/10

How We'd Do It: Another fall behind the couch job. Over-sized clothing stuffed with pillows, pair of glasses, with a body hugging outfit underneath. Once out of shot, lose the fat suit and glasses and emerge as Buddy Love.

A million extra points if your Buddy Love is wearing an Eddie Murphy Raw -style Leather jumpsuit.

Pale Man Pan's Labyrinth (2007)

Ease Of Swede: 7/10

How We'd Do It: White full body leotard with hood. Draw some eyes on the palms of your hands and be gangly. If you aren't gangly, find a tall friend. Simples.

There you go folks, what are your waiting for?

On your marks, get set, Swede!

Sam Ashurst is a London-based film maker, journalist, and podcast host. He's the director of Frankenstein's Creature, A Little More Flesh + A Little More Flesh 2, and co-hosts the Arrow Podcast. His words have appeared on HuffPost, MSN, The Independent, Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, and many more, as well as of course for us here at GamesRadar+.