What game did President Obama buy for X-Mas? Just Dance 3

Barack Obama joins the millions of humoring parents buying Ubisoft’s unstoppable series

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Pres. Obama may be the leader of the free world and a man whose decisions can make or break this great nation of ours, but he’s also the parent of two children. And in a move that’s equal parts heartwarming and planned PR stunt, the President did some last minute holiday shopping today. When his trip brought him to Best Buy’s videogame aisle, after passing PS3s and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, he came to the choice many parents made this year: Just Dance 3.

Above: At 1:15 to see POTUS buy a Wii game (but don’t tell his kids, it’d ruin X-Mas)

See everyone, the President’s just like us. His kids like dancing games, so he buys them dancing games. Still, as we saw the President fill the same frame as Twilight Princess and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, we were hoping he’d pick that up instead. Just imagine him in a four player Kirby match with John Boenher, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. Obviously Boehner would be King Dedede.

Anyway, Obama joins millions of others that bought Just Dance 3 this year, as its sales on the Wii alone were more than Skyward Sword’s last month. And now that the dancing series has spread to PS3 and 360, there seems to be no stopping its populist message of fun dancing and hope. If that hasn’t sold you on the game, how about some Wii-exclusive Mario DLC?


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