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Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures Episode 2 review

Sand, rain, mystery and plasticine


  • Maintains the Wallace charm
  • Great voices and sound design
  • Characters are entertaining to interact with


  • Still not as funny as expected
  • Puzzles are a bit lacking
  • Goes by very quick

Although we%26rsquo;re certainly a fan of the plasticine pair of Wallace and Gromit, we have to concede that our review of the first episode was spot-on. While the game was a great adventure, the humour evident in the Wallace %26amp; Gromit films and Telltale%26rsquo;s other games was lacking.

After playing the second episode, things haven%26rsquo;t really improved in this department. It%26rsquo;s certainly charming, with a few cute smiles and knowing grins, but very few of the laugh-out-loud moments Sam %26amp; Max or Aardman elicit. That said there was at least one, caused by a character%26rsquo;s pun name: Scottish character Duncan McBiscuit.

Despite the humour dip, Bumblebees was well-designed with satisfying puzzles. Unfortunately, the puzzles in Last Resort aren%26rsquo;t as good. For example, we solved the opening and finale parts of the episode by accident. The middle parts fair better, but it%26rsquo;s all too easy. The story involves Wallace setting up a holiday resort in his basement, and then a whodunit mystery as Duncan gets thumped and Gromit has to find the, um, thumper. It%26rsquo;s all very entertaining and the story%26rsquo;s chapters all have separate enjoyable objectives.

The characters are mostly the same lot from Bumblebees with the addition of Duncan and Ms. Flitt%26rsquo;s two psychotic dogs, and are all fun to talk to. We%26rsquo;ve gotten used to Ben Whitehead%26rsquo;s impersonation of Peter Sallis (the real Wallace) now, and thankfully he%26rsquo;s no longer drowned out by the music. The rest of the voices, effects and music are all excellent as usual, although there was a bit of sound popping now and again. The Last Resort is still enjoyable for fans of Wallace %26amp; Gromit, but seasoned adventurers will run through it like a summer breeze.

Jun 8, 2009

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Description<p>The Last Resort is, despite a lukewarm delivery in the humor department, is&#160;still enjoyable for fans of Wallace &amp; Gromit, but seasoned adventurers will run through it like a summer breeze due to the easy puzzles.</p>
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating
Alternative namesWallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures: The Last Resort
Release date:5 May 2009 (US), 5 May 2009 (UK)
Available platforms:PC
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