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Vampire's Rain [import] review

A vamp game with no bite? Must be why it sucks

Once you actually break into the action, it becomes even more obvious that the developer just doesn’t get it. Essentially, it’s a knock-off of Splinter Cell. Climb drain-pipes, sneak round corners, use night-vision. Even the controls are strikingly similar. But our hero Lloyd is infinitely more wooden than Sam Fisher, and he’s short of a few moves. We’re not just talking about split-jumps and SWAT turns here (although you can’t do either of those); we’re talking about the fundamentals, like the ability to walk over pipes without pressing A, or the not-so-ancient art of shooting downwards when you’re crouching on a roof.

Believe it. Not that this basic ability would achieve much anyway. Get into a firefight with a vamp, and chances are, you’re going to come in second. Once these creatures start charging you, pointy-teeth first, it takes a whole clip from any weapon to stop them, and if they catch you it’s game over. No, really. Lloyd dies if a Nightwalker gets a couple of hits in on his fleshy body, and as these vamps always use two-strike combos, that means death and a restart are pretty much guaranteed.

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DescriptionFight supernatural baddies by sneaking your way through alleys and across rooftops. Why vampires populate a downtown metropolitan area is anyone's guess these days.
PlatformXbox 360