Urban Chaos: Riot Response

We slip on a hockey mask and a riot shield for explosive gunfights on both sides of the law

But while you've probably seen the game types before, the levels they take place in are interesting and nicely varied, ranging from a police station with multiple hidden paths, to a ruined warehouse complexfilled with sniping points, to a crumbling school with balconies overlooking a vast no-man's-land of a courtyard.

It's worth noting that graphics aren't Urban Chaos' strong suit, and likely won't be at release unless developer Rocksteady spends the next month sharpening them. But to be fair, muddy texturesdidn't stop the multiplayer action from being chaotic and fun (once our faces stopped getting perforated every five seconds, anyway). We admit our expectations for Urban Chaos haven't been high thus far, but if the single-player campaign is anywhere near as enjoyable as the multiplayer, this could end up a surprise hit.


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