The upcoming Nintendo Switch games for 2017 (and beyond)

Floor Kids

Release date: TBC
Genre: Rhythm game

Why is it so interesting? This rather adorable hand-drawn game is actually rather awesome, as it’s all about pulling off your best breakdancing moves. Think dance battles, sick beats, crews of bboys and bgirls and a ton of impressive body popping tricks, all accompanied by a custom soundtrack from Kid Koala himself. You’ll be able to battle against your pals as you discover new combos and unlock new characters and locations.


Release date: TBC
Genre: Extreme sports

Why it's so interesting? While Steep may retain more than a few of the hallmarks of the Ubisoft Checklist of Game Design (open world, connected online modes, etc.), it's still a bit of a departure for the studio in a lot of ways. It's an extreme winter sports title, and we haven't had a decent one of those since EA's attempt to bring back SSX years ago. And you can play it entirely in first-person view, giving you the view of the action as if you're watching from a jacket-mounted GoPro. The Switch version will also include the upcoming free Alaska DLC, so you can expect it to be supported for at least a while after launch.

Syberia 3

Release date: TBC
Genre: Adventure

Why it's so interesting? There's a good chance you've never heard of Syberia, as the first two chapters were released in the early 00's during a minor renaissance of European point-and-click adventure games. The series follows lawyer Kate Walker as she travels to a sleepy French village to finalize the takeover of a toy company by a multinational conglomerate. Her journey leads her to cross paths with an eccentric inventor, steamwork contraptions, and the fabled existence of Earth's last remaining wooly mammoths. Announced back in 2009, Syberia 3 was meant to close Kate's story, but a series of platform changes and financial troubles caused the game to undergo numerous delays. 2017 looks to be finally be the year Syberia 3 sees the light of day, though, and it'll be heading to Nintendo Switch then.

Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2

Release date: TBC
Genre: Hack-n-slash

Why is it so interesting? Dynasty Warriors, with its endless procession of idiot enemy fodder whose only goal is to give your attack button a workout, is certainly divisive. But whatever your stance on the series is, there's no denying that Koei Tecmo's spin-offs, which include the Zelda-inspired Hyrule Warriors, show that the series' button-mashing formula still has room for experimentation. Dragon Quest Heroes heroes was a surprisingly delightful take on the musou genre, taking the series' classic RPG framework and dressing it around real-time action combat and monster collection. This combo will include the entire first game along with its sequel, meaning you'll get to spend hundreds of hours slicing through slimes at home or on the go.

No More Heroes 3

Release date: TBC
Genre: ?????

Why is it so interesting? Suda51 is never boring, and this has never been more apparent than his appearance at Nintendo Switch's unveiling, where he arrived screaming and caused the livestream's English translator to completely shut down. There aren't a whole lot of details about the project that Suda51 unveiled on the stream, partially due to the translator's own confusion but mostly due to the fact that this game is just now entering development. What we do know is that Travis Touchdown - the anime-obsessed protagonist of the cult classic No More Heroes series - will be returning in a new game. Someday. And it'll have wrestling in it. Because of course it will. Whatever this game turns out to be, the point is Suda51 is taking his first hands-on directorial role since the first No More Heroes, and I will be there on day one.

Dragon Quest 10/11

Release date: TBC

Why it's so interesting? Dragon Quest 10 is a bit of a weird anomaly for the series, as it's an MMORPG originally designed for the Wii, eventually ported to the Wii U, 3DS, and now to the Switch. Dragon Quest 11, however, is the real deal - a sprawling new quest across a colorful open world. No word on whether either one will be coming to the West just yet, but considering the positive response the last few remakes and spin-offs have gotten, I'd imagine we'll see at least one of these on our shores within a year or two.

Metroid Prime 4

Release date: TBC
Genre: If it's like the others, it'll be FPS/Adventure

Why is it so interesting? What a time to be alive. Not only is the 3DS getting a remake of Metroid 2 this year, Switch owners got confirmation that Metroid Prime will be making its grand return sometime in the near future. Very little is known about the game other than the fact that it's happening, and it's not being made by Retro (who made the first three games in the series), but rather by a completely different studio. But for right now, sweet confirmation is all we need to get excited.

New Pokemon for Switch

Release date: TBC
Genre: RPG

Why is it so interesting? While Pokefreaks will tide themselves over with Pokken Tournament DX on Switch, it's not the same as getting a full-blown Pokemon adventure to dig into. Thing is, The Pokemon Company has had very weird internal rules about keeping mainline entries on portable systems and spin-offs on consoles. It looks like the Nintendo Switch's portability bends those rules a bit, as Nintendo revealed that it's currently working on a brand new Pokemon game specifically for the hybrid console. No word on when it'll arrive or what the move to Switch will entail, but it's exciting news nonetheless. 

Layers of Fear: Legacy

Release date: TBC
Genre: First-person horror

Why is it so interesting? If you’ve missed out on Layers of Fear so far, this new Switch edition is ready for you. It just happens to be one of GamesRadar’s own Leon Hurley’s favourite horror games. It tells the tale of a mentally ill painter who happens to live in a mansion that keeps changing. Interestingly the Switch edition has a slightly different title, adding a Legacy to indicate that this is a console specific version. According to developer Blooper Team, it’s a “redesigned masterpiece of fear” but it didn’t go into specifics as to what’s different with the Switch version, or when it’ll arrive for that matter. But we’d put our money on it coming bundled with the game’s Inheritance DLC.