Tortuga: Two Treasures - hands-on

Y’arrr. It’s a crying shame that National Talk Like A Pirate Day only occurs once a year. So we were mighty pleased to get our hands on an early build of Ascaron Entertainment’s latest piratical adventure, Tortuga: Two Treasures. Filled with more ships, sails, and sharp swords than you can shake a parrot at, Tortuga sits at the top of our list of remedies to cure our pirate withdrawal symptoms.

You’ll be stepping in the shoes of Thomas “Hawk” Blythe, a swashbuckler extraordinaire under the employ of the infamous Blackbeard. But when Blackbeard betrays Blythe, you’ll need to set sail for revenge, romance, and the lost treasure of Henry Morgan.

When sailing the seas, you’ll use the A and D keys to steer your vessel and the W and S keys to adjust your speed by raising and lowering your sails. Once you’ve got a bead on a treasure laden merchant vessel or enemy pirate barge, you can begin unleashing devastating broadside blows with the left mouse button. Occasionally, crewmen from other ships will fall overboard as your cannon balls tear through your target’s hull. Steer your sturdy vessel over these unlucky souls before the sharks get them and you can force them to join your jolly entourage of buccaneers.


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