Tony Hawk's Project 8

There's so much to do along the way to becoming one of the top eight amateur skaters - like showing off for the locals to earn 'stokens' that pay for customisation options, trying out all the spot challenges on their three difficulty levels, uncovering secret areas, and earning video sequences of the pros at play - that you'll be unlikely to be done with Project 8 in a hurry.

We get the feeling that every area in the game will have the potential to occupy for hours: we've already easily lost a weekend to the demo currently on Live, which offers just the local skate park.

Above: Everywhere you go you'll find other skaters - all real-life amateurs, along with the expected pros - doing their thing

In taking one small step back to Tony Hawk's roots, Project 8 is one huge ollie forward for the series - exactly what we hoped the power of the new consoles and some smart thinking on developer Neversoft's part would do for the game. Whether you've drifted away from the series, followed it through good and bad, or wouldn't know your spacewalk from your christ air, this is worth getting excited about - Tony Hawk's is sick once again. (That's a good thing.)