Tomb Raider Anniversary - new impressions

What follows is an intensive test of Lara’s athleticism and your own powers of logic as you try to work out how to get up and down the chasm to each door and solve the puzzles. Through the Atlas door, the object you need is positioned behind two rows of spikes which disappear when you shoot out two targets on a statue of Titan. Unfortunately, this releases a giant globe from his shoulders that starts rolling after Lara in a cheeky homage to Indiana Jones. The trick is to run, leap and grab a raised bar in order to swing over a chasm to safety. Another door hides a grid with four raised squares. When Lara stands on them they unlock the door at the other end, the only problem being the regular lightning bolts - memorize the pattern of strikes before completing the puzzle. The puzzles may sound straightforward, but they’re two of the trickiest we’ve had to solve.