Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

Looking just as good or better than its console counterpart (depending on your hardware), GRAW looks, feels and controls nearly exactly like the recent Rainbow Six: Lockdown. This is not an arcadey shooter. You'll need to spend a great deal of time mastering a complex set of controls: crouching, sprinting, diving to prone ... and that's just you. We had three other teammates, drones and air-strikes to command. GRAW becomes a mash-up of the Battlefield 2 Commander slot with a dash of Full Spectrum Warrior, shoved into a traditional FPS. Sound hard? It is. Learn to command your team efficiently or you'll be toast.

We suspect that the developers are spending their remaining time sending your squadmates toschool - the levels were enormous on the PC, so they didn't always operate very intelligently, and took foolish routes that often put them in the line of fire.

Based on this amazing preview build, we are sold - missions were extremely thrilling and rewarding - and we haven't even touched the multiplayer yet. GRAW is peeking around the corner, due in early May.