Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

On the PC, you'll be able to take the Cross-com view full-screen with a simple keystroke, instead of the console version's tiny picture-in-picture view. Also,as inthe 360 version, you'll have a UAV (or drone) that will give you strategic aerial views, where you'll be able to track enemy movement. The drone is whip-smart at spotting baddies, and you'll be able to look down throughits camera in full-screen mode too. Impressive.

The thing that sets apart GRAW on the PC the most is something that the consoles missed completely; a tactical map where you can set waypoints and command your team from an overhead perspective. But it's more than a map - it's a live satellite view where you'll spot action (like explosions and gunfire), as well as observe your enemies and see their patrol patterns.

When our feet first hit the ground, it was hard to decide whether the playground we landed in was a sandbox game or shooter. Every level is a veritable State Fair firing range, littered with targets like abandoned vehicles, gas tanks and other volatile goodies. Skip the Kewpie dolls, we had a blast just shooting out windows, popping tires, watching doors fly off their hinges - even entire wheels come off once we decided that cars should once again run on leaded. This wicked vehicular disintegration plays out from both sides when cars get used for cover in a firefight.