The Top 7... WTF?! Endings

When cursing and confusion are your only reward

DEAD OR ALIVE 4 (2005)

The ending.

Take your pick. You want the one with the half-naked girl making a fresh garden salad?

Or the one with the half-naked girl roundhouse kicking some old pervert in the face for touching her boobs?

Or maybe the one with the half-naked girl transforming into a mermaid and getting caught in a fisherman's net?

How about a psychedelic drug- and lute-inspired dance marathon? (Sorry, no half-naked girls here.)

A jazz tribute to the terrible tragedy of a dropped and wasted sticky bun?

The tomb raiding adventures of a magical Teletubby (and return of the half-naked girl)?

Or the REAL ending... six minutes of Armageddon set to Aerosmith. Yeah.