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The Golden Horde review

What would Genghis Khan do?


  • Cool time period
  • Three huge campaigns
  • Strong RTS ideas


  • The tedious slog
  • Buggy engine
  • Dated graphics

Ah, history. Stranger than fiction, and the source of the best stories. JoWooD, makers of variable quality games... wait a second. Is this the same game we just reviewed earlier today? Why no, of course not, it%26rsquo;s a game based on the wars between Russia, the Mongols and the Crusaders - our very favourite period of medieval warfare! What%26rsquo;s more, instead of a mere two campaigns as in Fate of Hellas, there are three! That means, according to the laws of maths, this should be 33% better.

But it%26rsquo;s not any percent better. In fact, it%26rsquo;s just as tedious and sludgy, as it%26rsquo;s merely another expandalone of Ancient Wars: Sparta, which WorldForge built using exactly the same tech last year. And thanks to a bunch of bugs cropping up, it%26rsquo;s occasionally unplayable, as you can%26rsquo;t click on certain key units. That%26rsquo;s a real shame because we actually want to like this game a whole lot more than we like the Greek game of the same parentage.

The units - Russians, Mongols and Christian knights from the Northern Crusades - make up a swathe of history that%26rsquo;s incredibly rich, interesting and violent. There are elements of strong RTS ideas here too: like the modularly expanded town around which your base-building focuses, or the way in which units interact with each other and the terrain.

What%26rsquo;s most difficult to stomach, however, is that this is a game that sits in the wrong place for us to recommend it. It%26rsquo;s too slow and awkward to be seen as a modern RTS, and the events in it are all well-narrated but drama-free. It wants to tell the stories of medieval history, but instead tells the stories of the limitations of modern game development. There%26rsquo;s nothing here that can%26rsquo;t be found in a mechanistically better form in games like Command %26amp; Conquer or Warcraft III, or in a historically richer form in games like Medieval II. WorldForge are doing their best, we%26rsquo;re sure, but sadly it%26rsquo;s just not good enough.

Apr 25, 2008

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DescriptionA poorly paced, sometimes buggy strategy game that sadly squanders its interesting historical story.
US censor rating
UK censor rating16+
Release date: (US), 27 March 2008 (UK)
Available platforms:PC
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