The Game-shunary

Table of Contents

fanart - Weird, weirdporn.

fanboy (seeThe Internet)
fanfiction – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
frag - To kill, coined by Quake. Also short for fragmentation grenade.
FTW - For the win.
furry (seefanart)


galactic fail – One of the many overused offshoots of “fail.”
galactus Fail (see image, right)
game cake – Cakes made to represent elements of videogames, and one ofKotaku’sself-professed obsessions.
GamesRadar – The official website of the Internet.
Garriott, Richard - Lord British, the creator of the Ultima series, andmaster of fire.
GDC – the Game Developer’s Conference, where we have discussions about middleware particle effect demonstrations and game developers ejaculate over their own water effects.
gib – A piece of detached flesh which generally moves away from its source at a high velocity, often as the result of a well-placed railgun slug.
gold Farmer – Look for the guy wearing a Vietnamese rice-worker hat sitting over an Alienware PC.
grenade spam – A high volume of blindly tossed grenades, because who has time to aim?
griefer – One who intentionally ignores the goals of a game and instead spends his time attempting to hinder other player’s enjoyment of the game. Also known as the population of Shadowrun.
grind - What you mistake as fun. Also, the triangle button in Tony Hawk games.
guild – Substitute for friends.

hardcore – Superior to softcore.
HD – High-Definition, 720p and higher. Irrelevant until Blu-Ray players are cheaper.
HD-DVD – Irrelevant.
headshot – The offspring resulting from the love between a bullet and a brain.
hit points – Superfluous term for health, because RPGs still refuse to use a health meter.
homebrew – Games and apps developed without official support from a major publisher.
Hot Coffee – The worst rendered sex we’ve ever seen. (see image below)

IC – In character. An online Renaissance fair.
I’m in ur base – killin’ ur d00dz

Japanophile – desu desu desu desu!