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Tekken 6 review

With a veritable army of characters, has the flashy fighter become too big?


  • Fast and furious fighting
  • Rage gauge is good equalizer
  • New characters are cool


  • Design is archaic in 2009
  • Starting to become bloated
  • Lame brawler mode

Balance is a delicate thing, so easily lost. Tekken is a series that thrives on it – on striking a balance between fulfilling its remit as the ‘accessible’ 3D fighting game (button-mashing will get you further here than in most fighters) and offering a system substantial and even enough to allow the hardcore fans to battle at a competitive level. Tekken 5 managed this balance with aplomb, but while Tekken 6 is ostensibly little more than a high-def update, its revisions (of which, to its credit, there are many) are likely to result in it receiving a rather lukewarm reception, from players both old and new.

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Description<p>Tekken 6 isn&#8217;t trying to masquerade behind a mask. This is Tekken, and it&#8217;s for the Tekken fans. Namco Bandai has put a console fighting game on a handheld, and it&#8217;s every bit as good. If only the devs could have snuck in an online infrastructure fighting mode. If only.</p>
PlatformPSP, PS3, Xbox 360
US censor ratingTeen, Teen, Teen
UK censor rating16+, 16+, 16+
Release date:24 November 2009 (US), 11 December 2009 (UK)
Available platforms:PS3
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