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Sword of the Stars review

Close encounters of the turbo turn-based kind

What's more, for all its no-frills luster, some of Sword's other foibles are just plain weird: order-issue response delays in tactical combat, no summary planetary build-queue screen (you have to click idiotically on each planet instead), and a reticent travel system that lets you deploy ships for long treks without warning about inadequate fuel, thus marooning ships mid-hop (and the list goes on). A patch promises to fix these and other hiccups, but - brace for the broken record - Sword of the Stars still seems a bit rushed. Any time a post-release patch purports to make major interface changes and add critical features, something's up.

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DescriptionThink turn-based strategy games are the sole domain of old school geeks who swoon in the presence of encyclopedic hotkey sheets? Think again.
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date22 August 2006 (US), 22 August 2006 (UK)