Supreme Commander - hands-on

Hardcore RTS looks for love from console audiences

When we heard that Supreme Commander was heading for the 360, we were a bit skeptical. Sure, the real-time strategy impressed us when it released on the PC last year. If you%26rsquo;re not familiar with the series, check out our review. The hardcore RTS offered more of everything, with a ton of onscreen units, multi-pronged strategies - that let you launch assaults from the land, sea, and air - and set all the action on epic maps that dwarfed anything anyone had seen recently.

But some games just weren%26rsquo;t meant for other platforms, and playing an RTS with a console controller sounded like it%26rsquo;d be about as much fun as trying to rock out on Guitar Hero with a USB keyboard. Luckily, after spending some time with the latest build of the 360 version, it seems like developer, Hellbent Games has done a fine job of redesigning Supreme Commander%26rsquo;s control scheme so that it that works smoothly without dumbing anything down.

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