Stuntman: Ignition - first look hands-on

You're gunning through the steep and winding streets of San Francisco. With a white-knuckle death grip on the steering wheel of your 1970s-style muscle car, you see the focus of your pursuit - a couple of criminal lowlifes in a beat up sedan - swerve unexpectedly and escape down a side alley. But you'll get to them later. First, you've got to smash through a glass window pane and launch yourself into the air off a conveniently placed wooden ramp.

See, you're not the hero in Stuntman: Ignition... you just play one on the big screen. As a young and hungry stunt driver trying to prove himself on various Hollywood sets, speed and maneuvering are not the only necessary skills for success. You'll also need to hit each and every one of the director's marks, which can range from pulling off a particularly tight turn to stopping on a dime to nitro blasting the car through a fiery collision.

This variety makes for a very different style of driving game. The goal is never to blaze through a track as quickly and seamlessly as possible like with most racers. Neither is it to obliterate everything in your path like Burnout (to which Stuntman bears an uncanny graphical likeness). Creating the most dramatic cinema requires a constant mix... one stunt icon will direct you to sideswipe the vehicle ahead, but the stunt icon down the road may ask you to slide dramatically through an oncoming traffic gap with nary a scratch. 


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