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SSX: On Tour review

Take to the powder


  • The new inclusion of skiers
  • Sheer vastness of courses
  • Monster Tricking with the analog stick


  • No switching from skier to boarder
  • The Xtreme! motif can be obnoxious
  • Not much different from SSX 3

SSX: On Tour is a fantastic game... but scratch beneath the surface veneer and it%26rsquo;s definitely an evolution rather than revolution. Yet you%26rsquo;d be forgiven for assuming the latter. First up is the new skiing option. There are those in the boarding fraternity that can%26rsquo;t abide their cousins on skis and imagine that the introduction of the two-footers into their extreme sports games tantamount to collaboration with the enemy. But apart from shelving this outdated view (hey - we all love the snow, dude), whichever you choose, the controls and results are broadly the same.

More Info

DescriptionBigger and more beautiful. A quicker SSX, jam-packed with 'sicker', 'iller' and 'doper' runs - and through the sheer quantity of those runs alone we give this the nod for veterans and newcomers alike.
PlatformXbox, GameCube, PS2, PSP
US censor ratingEveryone 10+, Everyone 10+, Everyone 10+, Everyone 10+
UK censor rating, , ,
Release date:11 October 2005 (US), (UK)
Available platforms:PS2
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