Skillground ushers in game-gambling

You murder friends and strangers everyday. Your bullets might shred their insides. Your missiles might leave them in chunks on the floor. But afterwards, you always fantasize about draining their life savings, leaving their family starving and homeless as the unsympathetic wind carries their tortured howls into nothingness.

On December 1st, your vile fantasies materialize with Skillground, the first internet service to combine senseless gambling expenditures with heartless murder simulations. It’s a broadband PC gladiator fun-time betting battle.

First choose your arena. Warpath and Close Quarters Conflict are first person shooters, L.A. Street Racing is uhhh, L.A. street racing, and Kung Fu: Deadly Arts is an actual fighting game for the PC (gasp)! Challengers bet 50 cents to $20 each and the surviving butcher vacuums the cheddar. Or you can set a multi-tiered structure where supreme champ takes this, second place takes that, and so on. And if you’re bankrupt or holy, you can play for free.


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