Ski-doo Snow X Racing review

  • Tracks are reasonably intense
  • Customizing your ride
  • Pretty realistic
  • Relentless pyshics
  • Sentient turbo
  • Boring level design

Because snowmobiles are about so much more than just destroying the pristine beauty of our remaining wilderness and killing rednecks, Ski-Doo Snow X Racing has come down the mountain to rock our proverbial world. But don’t let that X in the title fool you - the game involves absolutely no algebra, nor does it imply an arcade-style assault on the slopes on par with something like SSX. (There’s that X again! You can see how we could get confused?)

It’s a fairly competent racing game at heart, but also more akin to a snowmobile racing sim. You vehicle reacts to every bump on the slope, and distributing your weight and placing front skis properly is crucial to pole position, as is keeping your chosen caricature atop his gas guzzling steed. In addition to selecting your rider, you can customize your snowmobile’s parts to enhance performance and design the look if you’re the type who can’t abide a ride that isn’t sufficiently pimped.

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Release date: May 23 2007 - PS2 (US)
Available Platforms: PS2
Genre: Racing
Published by: Valcon
Developed by: Coldwood Interactive
ESRB Rating:


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