Skarlet DLC to give Mortal Kombat exactly what it needs: more blood

Get a load of Skarlet, the upcoming downloadable character for the recently released Mortal Kombat reboot from NetherRealm Studios. Originally born as a glitch in Mortal Kombat II that turned certain characters red (hint: they were girls), Skarlet looks to be getting her own place in the series’ cannon. Dazzle at the above video in all of its bloody combo glory.

Not much is known about a price or timing for the new character, but the end of the teaser clearly states that she’ll be playable at next week’s E3 trade show in Los Angeles. Hopefully, we’ll be able to quickly figure out how to get her to ooze into the floor like in the video. We’ve been trying to do it for years on our own with no luck, so we suppose that somebody has to.

Above: Yes, it’s possible to make Mortal Kombat even bloodier

Okay, Mortal Kombat. We get the fact that folks get punched, kicked, sliced, chopped and mutilated in a ton of ways. It makes that blood fly, and that blood sure is fun. Know what we think you need, though? Somebody dripping in blood. Nay, how about a fighter made of blood? Got one of those lying around?

May 31, 2011

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