Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - hands-on

Can the 360 version catch up with PC?

Dec 12, 2007

Pack up your plasma rifle because it%26rsquo;s time for us to don the wizard%26rsquo;s cap and break out the dice. Sacred 2 doesn%26rsquo;t have a lot of competition on the 360, but then that%26rsquo;s because its closest rival is the average superhero romp Marvel Ultimate Alliance. You%26rsquo;d have to go back to Baldur%26rsquo;s Gate: Dark Alliance II on the original Xbox to find something vaguely similar. Newcomers to the series fear not: Sacred 2 takes place 2000 years before the first game, so no experience is necessary.

It’s a hugely ambitious project for the German-based developers, primarily due to the incorporation of Live. The entire world is built using a multiplayer engine, so while it’s possible to complete the quest on your own you can invite friends into your game at any point to lend a hand. Up to six players can cooperate in any one match, although this can only be achieved by linking three consoles; each with two players.

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