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Rush'n Attack - Xbox Live Arcade review

Ah... such a clever play on words


  • Faithful port
  • Decent enhanced graphics
  • Online multiplayer


  • Crusty gameplay
  • Repetitive action
  • Only four stages

Remember the movie GoldenEye? Remember the first time we met the new %26ldquo;M%26rdquo; and she proceeded to dress down 007 by calling him a dinosaur? A relic of the cold war?

That%26rsquo;s the first thing that springs to mind upon booting up Rush%26rsquo;n Attack. The clever play on words gives away the game%26rsquo;s main thrust %26ndash; you are a secret agent of some sort infiltrating what can only be a Russian base, racing against time to save a group of POWs scheduled for the firing squad.

More Info

DescriptionThis is a faithful next-generation update of the classic coin-op arcade title. The player assumes the role of a special forces agent sent behind enemy lines to infiltrate an enemy military complex and free captured prisoners of war.
PlatformXbox 360
US censor ratingRating Pending
UK censor rating
Available platforms:Xbox 360
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