Run rings around new Sonic shots

[Wii] Secret Rings, that is, as he flies by Wii-mote

Wednesday 27 September 2006
This latest round of Sonic and The Secret Rings shots is one of the few times you'll catch the game standing still: Wii has provided a perfectly bright and speedy return to form for Sega's tireless mascot.

Some of the screens also offer an indication of how you'll be wrangling the Wii-mote, chauffeur-style, to steer Sonic through the levels - although in the case of most of the screens it seems to be holding it level and just drinking in the Arabian Nights-inspired environments.

Above: Unmistakably Sonic-bright, it's hard to believe it's not a Sega machine's launch title

Sonic and The Secret Rings should be keeping pace with Wii's launch, so we'll have more on it soon - and if you've somehow missed it so far, check our love-at-first-sight E3 preview.