Rumour: Twilight TV series and spinoff in the pipeline?

Have we seen the last of those pesky kids?

With Breaking Dawn - Part 2 looming large on the horizon, it had seemed that the sun was finally setting on the Twilight franchise, but the corpse appears to be twitching with news of a potential reprieve…

To be fair, Lionsgate were never going to let their number one cash cow go quietly, and the studio has apparently targeted a TV series or spin-off movie as the best way to keep the series alive.

Moviehole reports that the current thinking is to keep the next instalment within the “ Twilight universe”, but without involving any of the central trio of characters. A story arc involving the wolf pack is currently thought to be an option worth exploring.

Whether or not its core audience of teenagers will still be interested without R-Pattz, K-Stew et al remains to be seen, but it seems that the studio is more than willing to take that risk. What’s more, with those stars’ mammoth pay-cheques off the table, a spin-off should be a far more cost-effective proposition…

However, purists can still look forward to the conclusion of the original movie series, with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 set to open in the UK on 16 November 2012.