Resident Evil: Extinction review

Want the good news? Scaling dizzy heights of sheer averageness, the third in writer/ producer Paul WS Anderson’s stillborn zombie saga is the best – or least worst – yet. Now the bad news: it’s still a Resident Evil movie, which means plyboard characters, nought suspense and a central turn of humourless conviction from Milla Jovovich, whose GM warrior princess now has the enviable ability to firestorm a flock of undead crows. Such fits of mid-budget excitement pepper a plot allying Jovovich’s Alice with a band of desert survivors (Ali Larter and Ashanti among them) in flight from the ever-spreading T-Virus. Highlander director Russell Mulcahy cribs competently from Mad Max, Romero and himself, but kills goodwill with a botched money shot and non-ending that suggests Extinction isn’t the last of it.

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