Resident Evil: Extinction goes Blu-Ray

Resident Evil: Extinction is due for a Blu-Ray release on the 18th of February, which is great news all round. Not only does the home release of this last part of the movie trilogy finally hark the end of the whole sorry debacle (Unless Paul Anderson decides to adapt Resi 4 with Jason Statham as Leon and set it in a skyscraper. Don't laugh, the man is capable of such things), but seeing it in high definition means we can be absolutely sure that it really is all over.

All condescending sarcasm aside, there are much worse videogame movies around than the Resident Evil series, and if you ignore the associations of their titles and take them on their own terms, they're not a bad bet for fans of mindless trash cinema. Of course, the games are infinitely more atmospheric and cinematic, and even RE1 had better acting and dialogue, but as a drunken MST3K experience with friends they're always good for a giggle.

No HD-DVD release on this one of course, as the Resi movies are distributed by Sony. Check out the trailer below and decide whether it's going on your list.



And check out the film's site for a chance to win a PS3.


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