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  • danierucam - October 24, 2014 9:53 p.m.

    how about giving leon a virus that can give him a healing factor , super human moves and tricks that would be great in RE7 hope they will focus in leon heres what i want in RE7 ---they will catch leon then then they will do experiment on him he will suffer a lot of pain then try to escape
  • NotoriousGamer - February 14, 2013 3:28 p.m.

    I really enjoyed this game, I don't think RE6 deserves all the hate it's getting, it was a great game 4/5, all capcom was doing is trying to make all the fans happy, but the "Fans" of the older games won't get out of the past and won't appreciate RE anymore just because it's not what they want, I disagree with the "you run out of ammo all the time" the fans wanted a game with low ammo, I think this game is easily a 8/10.
  • curtis-cummings - October 15, 2012 1:34 a.m.

    XBOX 360 Resident Evil 6 : The 3 Main Campaigns Jake/Sherry This campaign is the shorter of the 3, I think I clocked in about 6 hours until I was finished with it. Some of you may remember Sherry from resident evil 2, she was the little girl that Claire and Leon save from all the chaos. Jake on the other hand is a completely brand new character. He is the son of Albert Wesker, which I’m assuming any RE fan would know. Jake was purely introduced into the game as a new character to attract new players into the franchise, and thus why there is probably no Claire Redfield present in RE6 (cross your fingers for her arrival in 7). Both characters have a good chemistry together and later on you will see that when Jake is being very protective of Sherry. The story is…eh well its whatever, but usually in RE the story always is just kind of sort of whatever. Both characters are very likeable and Jake has some pretty decent hand to hand maneuvers (at times I just rushed some of my enemies and beat them with my fist to conserve ammo) I wont lie the hand to hand fighting is kind of annoying at first but with some practice you should be able to get it down….Well you better because certain parts in this campaign call for it to be used… so PRACTICE. Also it has a certain element of RE3 with the whole monster stalking you thing with this campaign much like how nemesis was always after you in 3. Jake is supposed to be the star in this campaign and rightfully so because his take not shit attitude, and realistic 1 liners are what really bring him closer to the player and truly shows his humanity as opposed to his father (whom traded his humanity to save his own life) I started the campaign with this character because I wanted the new experience with a new character right off the bat. However I feel the Jake/Sherry Campaign is the weakest link in this chain. The campaign is about 2 hours less than the other two, it starts off way to chaotic and not a good setting for a player to get started, and maybe it was just me but ammo seemed very scarce, and the action at times felt a bit overwhelming and out of place, I wont spoil anything for you but this by no means is in regard of the main J’avo type enemies featured in this campaign. This campaign did feature a driving sequence as well and I kept laughing my ass off at how many times I died but It was still fun none the less and would probably be a blast with a friend! (perhaps I should learn how to hit the brakes) Despite the minor flaws found in this campaign it was nothing that I couldn’t overlook. Leon/Helena This Campaign is about 8 hours long so total play time is already 14 hours! Everyone knows who Leon is in the RE series so he really doesn’t need much of an introduction but a brief little one wont hurt. He is 1 of 2 playable characters in the second RE installment and he is the main protagonist in the much beloved and critically acclaimed resident evil 4. He has such popular demand that he even ended up getting two of his own movies both in CGI format called degeneration and damnation. His partner is this new chick Helena. Yeah I cant really say much else about her either. So in RE2 I kind of forget how Leon was, but in RE4 I remember him as a bad ass dude but he was also a smart ass as well. This was a pretty interesting formula to go with and I loved it very much. However in RE6 get ready to have super serious ultimate bad ass Leon as all his quirky dialog you remember from the 4th installment is not present in this one. I think you get maybe 2-3 jokes out of him through out an entire 8 hour run through but his character seems to be forever changed. We have so many ultimate bad asses in video games, it’s a shame that Leon had to fall victim to the same fate as I really did enjoy his smart ass ways, despite the fact he was the protagonist in RE4 so therefore I automatically love him no matter what. Helena on the other hand is really…umm…….well bland, boring, and at a lot of times annoying. It’s hard to care for a character that just really doesn’t bring anything to the table…. so automatically you’ll be wishing she was Leons old partner Claire. Well that about covers the characters, now onto the campaign. I think Leon does have the strongest campaign of the 3 even though the story seems even dumber than Jake and Sherry’s. This campaign features mainly zombies as the baddies here. The build up for this campaign was thought up very well, as there is some nice build up before the shit hits the fan here. The zombies may be perceived as brainless drones but will surprise you and they are very strong in numbers, and some even wield weapons including guns they mindlessly shoot around. Picking your fights is a necessity when given the choice, you must at times treat it like a zombie apocalypse in the sense of being realistic and only shooting what you have to, and not necessarily whats put in front of you, other times you will have no choice and have to
  • curtis-cummings - October 15, 2012 1:37 a.m.

    hold out inside of a house being over run by the undead, so again when the choice comes to pick and choose your fights you better make the right decision or could be regretting it later. There is plenty to see in this campaign and the locations for it are just amazing. This campaign has a healthy dose of QTE in it but for myself I didn’t find myself annoyed by it but apparently some people get annoyed by it so I guess that ones on you. Things I didn’t like in this campaign were the story, the character Helena, and lack of Leons smart ass attitude. Again despite these flaws I still felt this campaign was the strongest and most enjoyable of the three. Chris/Piers This campaign took me about 8 hours to complete give or take. This campaign is my 2nd favorite. First again a brief intro to the characters. Chris Redfield is obviously the series main hero in the franchise and has been loved by RE fans for more than a decade and a half. He has many connections to the games main characters and is reprising his role as a member of the BSAA for this installment. Piers is a brand new character as well and is Chris’ partner in this campaign. Piers is another BSAA soldier who follows orders from his captain (Chris). The Piers character is likeable but sadly as this is a spoiler free review I cant really say why, but I can say when. At first glance he just seems like another soldier trying to do the right thing which by all means is not a bad character trait! It’s cliché but its not bad. Piers is also what seems to be the stability in this team as Chris has had a rough experience the past 3 years and has turned to the bottle for answers. Piers just seems to want to do well with and for Chris and ultimately humanity, as you will get a bit of what he is saying through the story and other times just feel its to cliché. Despite this fact this is by far the best story out of all the campaigns. It does a wonderful job in setting up the atmosphere, and showcasing Chris and Piers as they go back and forth with each other through out the campaign. I felt that this was good story telling for an RE game or even better than most action games out there. The ending is even very satisfying yet I wont say why. Ok so for story and characters that’s all I have to say…as far as the campaign goes…well this campaign is very heavy in action and is probably one of the main reasons why old school RE fans are bitching. Despite this, I personally enjoyed the hell out of it. Yes its very standard and yes its pretty much nothing but bullets flying the whole time. Well this formula works for me and that’s why I totally dig it. Also even though there was a lot of action in this campaign I still never felt overwhelmed….possibly because this is the last campaign I played. The boss fights are very nice and feel very classic to RE in the sense of needing to meet certain conditions before you can eliminate the boss. Sometimes bullets alone wont do the trick sort of thing. The cover system in this game isn’t perfect but will need to be utilized in this campaign. Taking cover seems like it could have been done a bit better but its not horrible and you will be able to adapt with it. Definitely something that needs to be addressed in the next installment. Chris also now has a big frame (ever since RE5) and can really manhandle some of these enemies really putting you into the characters shoes when you do some of his bad ass melee attacks. For example I shot a J’avo and stunned him then executed my melee to see chris pick this guy up over his head and slam him into a wooden pallet which just shattered upon impact. Very satisfying. I would say besides the cover system and a bit of being strung along longer than I should have been in certain segments there wasn’t much for me to complain about in this campaign. OVERALL ANALYSIS Well those are my opinions on the campaign but now for the big deciding factors if this game is worth your 60 dollars or not. Graphics I don’t see nothing new here as far as graphics go, they look just like RE5. I myself was not shocked that it looked exactly the same as 5, but some people thought the game was going to look nicer. I stated my point that graphics don’t make a game good, but to each their own. 9/10 Sound The voice acting kicks ass…plain and simple, very convincing and believable. The actors did a great job, even the ones that did voices for the throw away villains such as J’avo, and zombies…their screams and growls are very well done and truly makes you feel in the setting of this twisted, screwed up apocalypse. The music however is actually pretty boring. It never once got my attention and just felt very boring. Hopefully this is addressed in the next installment. The sound effects from your guns, and environment all together have a good audible sound to them. Every time I let off the shotgun it sounds and feels like I’m putting that buckshot into the enemy. 8/10 Controls This one I have mixed feelings on. The controls are hard to explain but initially if you never played they feel pretty loose. You have two options: Adjust the sensitivity of the controls via options menu or just get used to them. I went for the latter and it proved just fine for me. Also almost in every resident evil to date there is a quick step button combo (usually its holding down on the analog and pressing a button at the same time) which allows you to turn around quickly and face or run from an obstacle. It is very unresponsive in this version of the game, not sure how it is for the PS3, if anybody knows please let me know how that worked out. Melee attacks can be devastating and all round fun but sometimes when I use the input command I fall flat and end up hitting nothing. This doesn’t happen to often but when it does it is frustrating, especially in Jakes campaign as he is also a heavy melee fighter as well. Running, dodging, and shooting all seem to work quite well and even better when mastered, I felt very accomplished when I was able to dodge some very dangerous and game ending attacks when waiting on my opponents next move. All in all still not bad but needs improvement. 7/10 Replay Value Ah yes…one of the most definitive things to me shelling out 60 bucks or not. As stated before RE6 is a huge game, and spanning across just the 3 main campaigns is already time consuming enough for me to spend 60 dollars. By the time I was done with these 3 campaigns I clocked in almost 24 hours…well 22 to be exact but you get the point. This isn’t even counting the unlockable Ada campaign (which I hear is around 5 hours) or the mercenaries ( A type of survival mode) or even agent hunt…which to my knowledge is assuming the role of a monster and hunt down other players online. Also you are able to play as 7 characters total in the campaigns, so you may feel like playing as Sherry as opposed to Jake… or Piers as opposed to Chris etc. Also there are emblems to hunt down in each individuals campaign to get additional info and fun facts on, and of course for those seeking completion/achievement hunting. So in other words the replay value is very high, maybe even to high for some of us that have busy schedules! Perfect score in this category. 10/10 Overall Score: 8.5 Well there you have it! RE6 review on the 3 campaigns. This game isn’t perfect but it’s worth 60 bucks and has great replay value. Thank you for reading this long ass review and hopefully you will go get yourself a copy of this game and have some fun in the chaos with me! Just reach me on FB if you ever want to play!
  • curtis-cummings - October 12, 2012 2:26 a.m.

    RESIDENT EVIL 6 Ok so heres my two cents on resident evil 6: First off why all the hate? People complain that its not like the "original" but it hasnt been like the "original" since Resident Evil 0 for the gamecube. This series moved into full blown action once resident evil 4 was released. Heres a few things that people bitch about with resident evil 6 that doesnt make any sense: 1.Way to much action and fast paced. Ok if fast paced isnt what you want from an action game maybe you should be playing something else. Glad we got that one out of the way first. 2. Feels like gears of war. Um no, gears of war feels like resident evil. Remember RE4 introduced the over the shoulder camera angle to action gaming, and paved the way for this to be a "standard" in most action games. The aiming is the exact same thing, plus didnt the creator of gears state the fact that RE had some credit to his inspiration??? 3.Characters move to fast and can move and shoot. First you bitch they move to slow, and couldnt shoot while moving after RE5 came out, now you bitch because you can run your asses off, and pop off a few rounds in the process. Capcom listened to the criticism that was given to RE5 and addressed it, now your mad that they did it? Fuck off. Besides In a zombie apocalypse or whatever crazy mutation is after me IM GOING TO RUN MY ASS OFF! 4.Driving sequences. You did a little bit of in RE4, you did a bit more of it in RE5, you do a bit more in RE6. Why is this now a problem. Mind you the driving was lame and boring in 5, and in 6 is an action packed bullet festival. 5.Button sequence events. Ever since RE4 these have been in the franchise! Remember the Krauser knife fight? Also if the argument is that there are to many of these events, well RE6 is considerably larger of a game than RE4 or RE5 so when you are given more you get more. Simple. 6.Why cant it just be back to zombies again? RE6 is nice enough to bring back zombies in two out of the four campaigns. The other enemies are humans controlled by parasites that are more challenging than zombies. Whats wrong with mixing it up a bit? I dont know but people just seem to want zombies and thats it. So to those people I say: Fuck you. 7.The graphics havent improved since RE5 I love this one, really about any game as well....but graphics dont make a game good. Myself personally I thought the graphics were nice but thats besides the point. Well those are the major points I see online and from talking to my friends about why RE6 is such a horrible game. This is your loss because I been loving this game and have yet to even find a partner online to share the chaos with. So back to the original question: Why all the hate? Because some zit face fat boys went out of there way to nit pick about how capcom pushed the series forward and now for whatever reason people are jumping on the bandwagon and avoiding even giving the game a chance. A lot of people played the demo, but demo isnt finished product and was drastically different from what I played with the actual game. Thats why its a demo. I do believe they failed in marketing the game with this demo because the demo is to buggy and chaotic, so just do yourself a favor and go rent it at the very least. Oh and for a very "horrible" game I truly wonder why its the best initial selling RE out of the entire series. I hear something about 4 million units for initial sales alone? Good to know theres 4 million people out there not on the bandwagon. Yes this was very nerdy of me to post but I love this series, and have loved it since 1996. So I will defend it. No its not perfect but its totally worth playing. I will post an actual review of the game when I complete it.
  • neosapien - October 13, 2012 7:12 p.m.

    Dude!! you're my fucking heroe, thank you for posting this comment, that's what i was trying to explain, but im too lazy to post a comment that long XD, but i agree with you 100%
  • yaswanth - April 7, 2013 2:32 a.m.

    F**king true.Those who are bitching haven't played the game till now.
  • xXGamerChickXx - August 12, 2013 4:05 p.m.

    i agree with you 100% i love this game so much i beat all 4 campaigns i am currently working on beating all 4 campaigns on veteran but it's a little bit challenging but i understand and agree with everything you said
  • ben-gates - October 5, 2012 10:23 a.m.

    About 3 hours into the game so far in Leon's campaign. Definitely a lot better than the demo and a total blast with a friend. Has its faults though. I'd give it a 7.5/8 easily.
  • Viron - October 4, 2012 9:44 a.m.

    Eh, at least it's trying to be different than it's predecessors, most games don't seem to be doing that anymore.
  • Zeos - October 3, 2012 11:21 p.m.

    Found out you can only pause it if your playing offline otherwise better wear a diaper.
  • Zeos - October 2, 2012 7:06 p.m.

    Liking it for the most part so far except for the fact I can't actually pause it, thus making it impossible to play while my kids are awake :(
  • Jellis94 - October 3, 2012 7:42 a.m.

    try taking off the players join option you know what i mean?
  • wrestlingfanatic - October 2, 2012 8:22 a.m.

    I think the game is awesome. I think the button mashing when a zombie grabs is annoying but besides that the games perfect. What more could you ask for youve got 4 campaigns including Adas ,mercenaries is back you've got a revamped control system that makes everything a lot fluid and faster awesome graphics and great storytelling what more could a gamer ask for . Other than that we all know HATERS ARE GOING TO HATE. Gamers buy a game because you love it not because websites give it a high score.
  • Jellis94 - October 2, 2012 8:07 a.m.

    im sorry to say that it seems like hslf of you dont even have the game... wow, just wow. Dont judge based on demo because the public demo was the slow part for leon (im currently on Leon campaign Pro mode) it was way heart pounding last night when i got the game and the horror isnt lacking so dont say its bad if you dont even have it people. 8.5 outta 10 for me.
  • Firepunch - October 1, 2012 10:34 p.m.

    Interesting, from all the hype on this website I expected a 4.5 for this game however 3.5 stars is still a ok score. For this to warrant a purchase I think I am going to need some hands on time luckily the rAge expo is very soon and they have a demo of the game there
  • Meleedragon27 - October 1, 2012 6:32 p.m.

    Having played the demo, I think I'm gonna wait until a price drop (probably $40 or so). While it seemed like the dev team had their hearts in the right place, I had a really hard time trying to adjust to those controls, plus the inventory system was pretty lousy. Also, the lack of ammo bothered me a little, especially during Chris' chapter (where gunplay is a higher priority, and considering how many bad guys have guns, you'd think they'd drop ammo more often). If it's any consolation, I'll say this: I still enjoyed the demo far more than Resident Evil 5 as a whole.
  • ObliqueZombie - October 1, 2012 6:02 p.m.

    I can dig the epic stories and crossing plotlines, I think that's fantastic. What I can't seem to stand is the QTEs, the heavy and annoying use of them. I think I'll wait.

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