Reggie's recent PR madness translated into sense

This is a very interesting time for Nintendo. With the gleaming shock of the new no longer haloed around the Wii, and both Microsoft and Sony about to catch up with next-gen-powered motion control of their own, all eyes and ears are primed for the House of Mario's arguably crucial next move.

Unsurprisingly, outspoken Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has been spouting out the words thick and fast, but as is the nature of PR speak during such pivotal periods, it hasn't always made total sense. So we've cut through the positivity-spinning business talk and translated Reggie's most relevent 2010 musings into something a bit more blunt.

On the Wii's lastability...

Quote sourced from here


Translation: "We are confident that most people just buy the Wii for Wii Sports, so as long as we keep bundling it, we can't screw this up until literally everyone has one"

On the competition from Sony...

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Translation: "We really hope that casual gamers are still so market-naive that they only see the price rather than the massively-increased functionality potential of a motion-control-equipped PS3"

On Wii shortages...

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Translation: "I am passionately upset all the way to the bank. If we'd known that this kind of unavailability would create so much hype we might have engineered it from the start"

On Nintendo's next move...

Quote sourced from here

Translation: "We seriously need a new groundbreaking experience to distract consumers from the fact that everyone else has already caught up with our last one using better technology. Any ideas? Anyone?"

On the next console...

Quote sourced from here

Translation: "We’ve painted ourselves into a corner with the Wii and it's probably too late to go back to traditional console gaming. We’re just trying to work out how to come up with another new idea and make it cheap again"

On providing for the hardcore...

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Translation: "We were amazing at creating that type of content for 20 years, but let’s forget about that, because it turns out that housewives and soccermoms have a shitload of disposable income. Let's face it, no-one has believed our 'Still commited to the hardcore' schtick since the Animal Crossing debacle, so we're just going to let the third-parties do that stuff for us from now on"

On third-parties...

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Translation: "Hey devs, it’s not our fault your core games aren’t selling on the Wii. Didn't you hear about the recession? The market culture we’ve created around our console and our complete lack of product support for your stuff is a total coincidence"

On why the Wii is amazing for

Quote sourced from here


Translation: "If only BioShock 2 had been on the Wii. Then it wouldn’t have tanked like it did. With the recession and all, big proper next-gen games are a major risk. I say this purely out of sympathy for 2K Marin of course. No self interest whatsoever"

But maybe we're just being cynical old sods here and Nintendo really is ploughing happily along the right track without a care in the world. We won't know anything for definite until E3 this year. But in the meantime, let us know what you think via the usual channels of Facebook and Twitter.


  • MaynardJ - March 23, 2010 1:10 p.m.

    Only four days after my previous comment, Nintendo disclosed the first information on their 3DS. Talk about being a step ahead...
  • RandyChimp - March 22, 2010 2:11 a.m.

    Yeah, I'm buying Move, purely to piss off Reggie, the smug little cunt.
  • Metroidhunter32 - March 20, 2010 10:10 a.m.

    Could it be more obvious that this article was written by someone who hates nintendo?
  • stev0 - March 20, 2010 2:33 a.m.

    What I don't get is why people things changed so much for the Nintendo "hardcore" with this generation. There are just as many quality titles for the Wii as there were for the Gamecube.
  • AlexMercer1337 - March 20, 2010 1:47 a.m.

    Mark my words, Nintendo is finished unless they dump Reggie.
  • philipshaw - March 19, 2010 2:20 p.m.

    Have to agree with this article and the reasons in it are why I stick with my PS3
  • crumbdunky - March 19, 2010 12:14 p.m.

    Goji-I kept faith with my Wii, still do to som extent, BUT they DO NOT know how to help 3rd party devs at all. Compare the way even Sony treat theirs:Demos and trailers and DLC. Teams sent out to help with dev kit, architecture issues. Accuse me of having my head up my arse if you must but take yours out of Reggie's whil;e you're at it. Declaring AC the hardcore title for Xmas 08 is still a bit of a sad joke made sadder by the fact it's the third time we played the game. Madworld,Conduit, HMH1 and 2, Overkill, Extraction(though both the lightgun shooters, and the Resi ones) should have been value titles , MH3,Z&W and Fragile are the quality(give or take one or two) original Wii titles froom companies that aren't Binty this gen. Not good enough and evidenbce that they undrstand them less now than at launch of N64. Ninty have won the console sales war and put up a decent fight in the firest party game stakes but in terms of library quality they're a disant fourth out of three imho. How can you argue otherwise? When the two best third party Wioi games are GC/PS2 ports you know there's something up with their third party relationship.
  • MaynardJ - March 19, 2010 10:23 a.m.

    Oops, I meant "the first PART"
  • MaynardJ - March 19, 2010 10:08 a.m.

    I disagree with the hate Nintendo gets. They made a handful of great, no, revolutionary games for Wii that were unfortunately accompanied by a load of shovelware. For the first art alone, they deserve credit. Microsoft and Sony will get their share of crap too for Natal and the what-the-hell-is-that-thing, and now the shovelware will be multiplatform. Nintendo will still rule the handheld market with the DS and be the overall winner. They must have anticipated the other companies' responses to the Wii's success, and are probably working on an HD version to once again serve the hard core with Wii versions of games that now only run on 360s and PS3s and some new brilliant Nintendo exclusives. I don't KNOW any of this, I am just confident that Nintendo will, again, be one step ahead.
  • 4fromK - March 19, 2010 7:18 a.m.

    I'm wondering why reggie doesnt get as much hate as bobby kotick. maybe because its hard for internet ragers to spell "Fils-Aime", or maybe nintendo benefits from the good old nostalgia
  • sepirothpk - March 19, 2010 6:56 a.m.

    @gojiguyar Yes, they do have a few games (the best is debatable, almost laughably so) but that is out weighed by the megaton of shovelware that rakes in this money they get. No to mention that Nintendo basically has ditched their hardcore fan base, a mistake made in the 80's which lead to a market crash. You know, the one Nintendo was the first to recover. How? By making great games. The Wii however repeats their predecessors' mistake of making shoddy games for a quick profit. It wont last forever. And you've mentioned, like, 5 games. Some of them aren't even out yet. IT is not "butthurt", it is quite true. ReCaptcha: politicians buttocks ...what?
  • gojiguyar - March 19, 2010 3:11 a.m.

    I find the comments here absolutely hilarious. The butthurt is so loud I can hear it! The article is probably the worst, most biased, flamebait piece of crap GamesRadar has put out. It's obvious that no one thought to check Houghton's article (written with the finesse of an angry 12-year-old). I'm a multi-console owner and I have to say the comments here are completely retarded. Nintendo won this generation hands-down. They produced the best games (Mario, Zelda, Metroid) and made the most money. I love My PS3. I really do. But Sony's me-too device and Microsoft's not-gonna-happen Natal aren't a threat. And for those saying NIntendo sucks and theres no good 3rd party software... Excuse while I play some TvC and count the days for Monster Hunter 3. You know, that japanese chart-topper that Nintendo is DISTRIBUTING THEMSELVES in australia and bundled their hardware with? Oh and they did that with Samurai Warriors 3 as well (which they are gonna publich).. And house of the dead... and gee mario and sonic... and teaming up with team ninja to make a new metroid game... Oh, but Nintendo doesn't support third parties. My mistake. Get your heads out of your asses, people. Fanboyish ranting is for immature and stupid. If you can, buy multiple consoles and play more games. If you can't, shut your pre-pubescent mouth.
  • GoodGuyWithACrappyJob - March 19, 2010 1:15 a.m.

    It is amazing how fast Nintendo ditched many of its hardcore fans for the causal fair in such a short amount of time. All of this seems to boil down to money, and that fact is what has me worried the most for the future of the video games industry: that it will become cliched and so over-run by crap, all in the name of some business getting some kinda cash out of it. Hopefully, developers who still put their best and must ingenious ideas into their work will continue to do just that, and once the next-gen comes around, quality over quantity may be back in. Regardless, I still look forward to Nintendo's next outing with Mario, Zelda, Metriod, Fire Emblem,... because while the marketers may be a bunch of crap-for-brains, the developers Nintendo employs still make some top notch games.
  • didierortiz - March 19, 2010 12:09 a.m.

    i think the wii is nintendo's last significant succes, seriously...
  • SuperMario290 - March 18, 2010 11:53 p.m.

    Oh GR, keepin' the flame wars alive as always.
  • gopikmin - March 18, 2010 10:49 p.m.

    practically everyone at noa are a bunch of idiots. those idiots are just riding the wii's sucess. once the wii plummets, we will get our quality back.
  • RebornKusabi - March 18, 2010 10:22 p.m.

    You know what would help Nintendo for their next console? Divide and Conquer. Have some developers work on ****-ware and pet shampooing sims, while other developers work on breakthrough games that actually USE the systems strengths to their strengths while providing game experiences that no other console can do oh wait they won't have to because every system is going to have motion controls of some sort by the end of the year ;) *Cue Mario 1 game over tune*
  • Cyberninja - March 18, 2010 9:51 p.m.

    i would die of laugher if nintendo was waiting for sony and mircosoft to jump on the motion control bandwagon and then made a new a new system for the hardcores at e3 or something like that
  • DanAmrich - March 18, 2010 8:37 p.m.

    Re the GR translation of "If we'd known that this kind of unavailability would create so much hype we might have engineered it from the start" -- I recall a direct real quote from one of my own conversations back in the day: "You know, sometimes shortages are a good thing." - George Harrison, showing me the the pre-launch N64
  • Nocturne989 - March 18, 2010 7:47 p.m.

    Got to give it to ya GR this is spot on the money. I used to love Nintendo. Ive had almost every Nintendo console at one point and still love my N64, but Reggie and the Wii killed it for me. I got a Wii around launch back in 06 and it was cool...for about 6 months, then it tanked. I sold my Wii and now proudly own a 360 and a PS3. Good job Reggie, you killed Nintendo.

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