Persona 4 contest winners revealed!

Check our megasplosion of crazy demonic art and learn who won our massive prize haul

JoeMasturbaby delivered this musical entry, which may or may not be recycled from down time spent in study hall.

Joe Masturbaby’s second entry is this unnamed ghoul, which grows its skin back every night after the daylight melts it off.

tysr36 believes this critter lives in his head. We’ll describe it with the same puzzling sentence he did: “my persona is a stick figure with a shotgun that knows how to SHOOP DA WHOOP”.

They get better than this entry from SaltyChuck, we swear.

And the winner of the “ghostly succubus we’d still be interested in dating” award goes to Lilikka.

We would almost guarantee that this isn’t a real picture of rabbit221. But if it is, rabbit, please call us. You’re our hero.


We’d ask Beku 121 why exactly so many of you have hot chicks embedded in your subconscious, but it’s not really a problem for us.

ssj4raditz has a goofy user name, but it’s tough to fault his LEGO skills. Unless this was supposed to be a Volkswagon beetle.

bob8914 gives us this entry, explaining that TalkRadar character Bon Soi, the French wrestler, would make a perfect persona if given a lancer from Gears of War.

TrigunGunner has probably seen the Predator movies. We’re guessing.

Punkmetalimage explains that this persona is the opposite of his bearded, burly real world self. Remember that next time you flirt with a sexy cat babe in an MMO.

According to dmgkevin, Atropos is inspired by the Greek character who cuts the thread of a person’s life, bringing about their death. Yeah, our thread would need scissors that big too. We’re just hung, you know?

If JonRedfield’s mind is strong enough to blindfold his demon form and chain it to a cross, we’re thinking we should stay out of it.


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