Over G Fighters

If you're keenly awaiting the furious skies of Over G Fighters, you're probably a follower of Namco's Ace Combat series. Well, the slightly sci-fi twists and fast-paced dogfights of that series are nowhere to be seen in this 360-exclusive title, but later missions could perhaps still surprise us.

The plot is fairly insubstantial, so all you need to know is how to pilot your 30-plus modern jets through real-world scenarios in a variety of missions. The game's divided into regions of the planet (Asia, Africa, etc), each with objectives to complete, though most of the missions we soared through literally consisted of two to five targets... and that's it. They all lead up to a major objective, but it still feels weird to down two jets and see "Mission Accomplished."

But, in all fairness, that's perhaps more akin to what real missions are like, and that's where Over G strays from the Ace Combat standard - it's going for a more simulator feel, not necessarily a pulse-pounding battle through the clouds.

Further driving this idea home are the gravity effects that overtake your vision during powerful turns. If you dive or climb too hard, you'll either start to black out or get blood-tinted red eyes and your innards get sloshed around. Push yourself too hard, and well, you know what'll happen.