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One Piece Unlimited Cruise 2 review

Cruising for a bruising


  • All your favorite characters
  • Uses save file from part 1
  • Well-written dialogue


  • Essentially the same as part 1
  • More mindless item collecting
  • Repetitive level structure

A pirate%26rsquo;s life for me? Not if it involves this much brainless scavenging. Cruise 2 is hardly a standalone adventure, but the second half of a bigger game simply hacked off in the name of money-making. Cruise 1 abruptly ended and Cruise 2 abruptly begins, dropping you in to flee a boss you technically fought two months ago.

God help you if you didn%26rsquo;t play the original. Actually, God help you if you did, as in you%26rsquo;re in for a pixel-by-pixel repeat of the same adventure. Sanji the cook even says, %26ldquo;You mean we have to go and do all those first islands again?%26rdquo; Take it up with Ganbarion, Sanji. Boot it up with a completed Cruise 1 save file and the Straw Hat Pirates appear in their upgraded glory %26ndash; technically, this gives returning fans less to do second time round.

The bulk of the quest treats old hands and newbies alike: collect arbitrary sacks of bark and moss, activate cutscene, fight boss, repeat. There%26rsquo;s plenty that fans will recognise %26ndash; from well-written dialogue to a parade of classic villain boss fights %26ndash; but little to connect with. GameCube%26rsquo;s Grand Battle proved Ganbarion can make One Piece games. Until they rediscover that gold, X doesn%26rsquo;t mark the spot, it stands for %26lsquo;keep away.%26rsquo;

Sep 24, 2009

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Description<p>GameCube&#8217;s Grand Battle proved Ganbarion can make One Piece games. Until they rediscover that gold, X doesn&#8217;t mark the spot, it stands for &#8216;keep away.&#8217;</p>
Franchise nameOne Piece
UK franchise nameOne Piece
US censor rating
UK censor rating12+
Release date: (US), 18 September 2009 (UK)
Available platforms:Wii
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