No Reservations review

You know when you eat something delicious abroad, buy the same ingredients and try to recreate it at home, but it just doesn’t taste quite right? That’s what’s happened with this glossy Americanisation of German rom-com Mostly Martha: it’s surface slick but lacking the charm and sincerity of the original. Uptight NY chef Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones) has her cold heart melted when she’s given custody of her orphaned niece (Abigail Breslin, acting everyone off the screen) and rivalled in the kitchen by gregarious sous chef/love interest Aaron Eckhart. There are at least four musical montages, the usual implausible romantic obstacles and some uncomfortably forced wackiness from Mr Eckhart. With Shine’s Scott Hicks at the helm, this is a well-presented dish, but too cloying for discerning palates.

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