Need for Speed: The Run trailer outruns cars and Mother Nature

New “Buried Alive” trailer released at GamesCom 2011

It takes a pretty talented driver to outrace someone in a high-powered sports car on a snow covered mountain road, but it takes a different kind of driver to try and outrace 10 tons of falling snow. To be fair though, watching a bright orange BMW M3 GTS and an Audi R8 slam into barriers and each other as they drift through sleet and ice is pretty exciting. Though if I%26rsquo;d plunked the cash down for one of these in real life, I%26rsquo;d probably just carefully cruise around at 35 mph, terrified of scratches and speeding tickets.

Need for Speed: The Run, along with Battlefield 3, is one of the first games using the new Frostbite 2 engine, and it%26rsquo;s clearly doing its job rendering that avalanche and deforming the snow on the road. The game puts you in the shoes of Jack Rourke as he attempts to win a cross country race from SF to NY. Check out ourhands-on previewfor a more in-depth look.

Aug 16, 2011


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