Need for Speed retrospective

How Need for Speed became the model for racing games

Need for Speed has been going strong for well over a decade, especially since finding mass popularity on PS2. You%26rsquo;re no doubt familiar with the pimped-out, hip-hopping, street-savvy Need for Speed games of today, but do you remember it before it turned cool? There was a time when modding only went as far choosing manual or automatic gears.

There%26rsquo;s something special in each of the NFS games on PlayStation 2, so we%26rsquo;re going to take you on a little trip of the Need for Speed universe. You might not remember the sights, especially at the aging, moss-covered end of the street, but here are the innovations that shaped the game as we know it today. Fasten your seat belt; it could be a bumpy ride.


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