Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

Cel-shading, side-on fighting, energy bars in vibrant colors… It may not look throat-grabbingly next-gen, but for any Xbox 360 gamers frustrated that the console’s opportunities for fighting so far comprise jelly-chested girlies in fancy dress, mullet-faced wrestlers and… little else, the sight of such an apparently traditional beat-‘em-up like the one above could provide some comfort.

But additionally, for those who insist that a game that only features beat-‘em-up action like this belongs on Xbox Live, it’s worth noting that there’s a lot more to Ubisoft’s new manga adaptation of Naruto than just garish combat. Based on a popular Dragonball Z-style franchise (the usual thing - from comic to anime to card game) that you’d have to be a committed manga-maniac to care about, Naruto follows the plot of the comics and TV show closely, charting the progress of the mysterious young eponymous ninja in an allegedly “epic” “free-roaming” “saga.”


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