MX vs ATV Untamed

Asphalt and loading screens are for virgins and accountants, says this game

Oct 1, 2007

While the "Untamed" at the end of Rainbow Studio%26rsquo;s forthcoming MX vs. ATV off-roader is probably supposed to conjure up images of rebellious men (they don%26rsquo;t need no stinkin%26rsquo; jobs) and vehicles (they don%26rsquo;t need no stinkin%26rsquo; roads), it does just as well at describing the feature list of the game. Having already made it clear that they are not bound to one puny extreme sport ( 2005%26rsquo;s MX vs. ATV: Unleashed had bikes, ATVs, trucks, golf carts and at least one biplane), the developers now seem hell-bent on releasing a game for the 360 and PS3 with as many play modes as there are notches in Ricky Carmichael%26rsquo;s bedpost.

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