MX vs ATV Untamed

Oct 1, 2007

While the "Untamed" at the end of Rainbow Studio’s forthcoming MX vs. ATV off-roader is probably supposed to conjure up images of rebellious men (they don’t need no stinkin’ jobs) and vehicles (they don’t need no stinkin’ roads), it does just as well at describing the feature list of the game. Having already made it clear that they are not bound to one puny extreme sport ( 2005’s MX vs. ATV: Unleashed had bikes, ATVs, trucks, golf carts and at least one biplane), the developers now seem hell-bent on releasing a game for the 360 and PS3 with as many play modes as there are notches in Ricky Carmichael’s bedpost.

In addition to the six returning series (Supercross, Nationals, Supermoto, Freestyle, Waypoint, and wee little Minimoto), Untamed introduces Endurocross and Opencross. For the alarmingly-named former, which sounds like a Mel Gibson movie, think of Nickelodeon’s GUTS obstacle courses on dirt bikes. Logs, water pits, and rocks are all relocated to a giant indoor motocross arena and arranged to make you hurt yourself.

Opencross, true to its name, allows you to race through huge open environments, such as “swampy everglades” (surely the best kind of everglades), in a contest to “determine the toughest off-road vehicle”. Opencross notably replaces the old methods by which off-road vehicles proved their toughness, including oil-guzzling contests and epic bouts of Rochambeau. 

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