Murdering Big Daddy

This new trailer is set to widen your grasp of BioShock's potential so significantly that it might poke out of your ears. And yet, while there's enough action in this clip to continue our enthusiasm for developer Irrational Games' intelligent, first-person adventure set in a slowly decomposing underwater utopia-turned-purgatory, this is nothing more than the tip of a colossal gameplay iceberg.

BioShock's developer took us through the task of defeating a Big Daddy - one of the lumbering protectors of the corpse-hunting Little Sisters - some time ago. But now you can see just how difficult it actually is for yourself. Point your eyes down and watch out for memorable highlights like a blood-splashed teleport trick, the Little Sister's horrified gaze, and some nifty tricks with fire and a teddy bear.

March 6, 2007


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