Mercury Meltdown Revolution - updated hands-on and video

In our first hands-on time with Mercury Meltdown Revolution, we raved about the intuitive new control system and agreed with developer Ignition that the Wii was the perfect system for the Mercury franchise that debuted in 2005 on the PSP with Archer Maclean's Mercury. One month later we've had another session with MMR, and we're happy to report that the controls are still super easy to grasp and still perfectly responsive. This is Mercury Meltdown the way it was meant to be played.

So if it's dead simple to get the hang of, how long can this game really keep us entertained? The answer would appear to be "longer than you'd think." The bizarro color wheel, in which red mixed with green yields yellow (visible below), has returned, much to the consternation of art teachers everywhere. This wheel, for all you Mercury neophytes, comes in handy when you have to dye your blob a certain color in order to make it through certain gates. This often requires splitting your blob into two, dying each a different shade, then recombining them to create a blob of a third color.

Color-dying is one of the simplest of the innumerable obstacles laid before you in MMR. Other challenges will require you to change the very state of your blob, heating it up for a faster, slicker blob or cooling it down for a slower, tackier (as in sticky, not tasteless) blob. Super-cooling the blob will harden it completely into a marble, so you can ride on parallel rails. At least chemistry teachers won’t have any complaints, that is, unless they frown making a highly toxic substance seem like a fun plaything. Oh well, can’t please ‘em all.

Revolving doors, waterwheels, see-saws, magnets that draw your blob in, magnets that drain mercury away from your blob, spikes, and, or course, the ever-present precipitous edge are just some of the impediments you’ll encounter in the 168 levels of normal play. It’s worth noting that the bulk of these levels correspond with the PS2’s Mercury Meltdown Remix, though 30 new levels have been exclusively created for the Wii.


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