Marvel's X-Men TV series Legion lands its first weird-as-hell trailer

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If you like your superhero shows with a side of the eccentric, then FX's upcoming Marvel series Legion might be of interest to you. 

As indicated in the title, the show is based in the X-Men world but it won't be connected to those movies. Why, you ask? Because Marvel owns the rights to Legion's lead character, David Haller, but not the mutants who populate the films. Yeah, it's a whole rights issue. But all you really need to know about this show is that it's got some serious talent behind it. And it looks absolutely unlike any X-Men film ever. Check out the first teaser: 

Dan Stevens plays Haller, a young man who - in the words of another character "believes he's mentally ill, but he may just be the most powerful mutant we've ever encountered." Yep, he's a mutant. After dealing with schizophrenia for his entire life, he eventually finds answers when a fellow psychiatric patient reveals something to suggest he's not sick. He's just got really, really unusual powers. 

The show is set to run at eight episodes and has Fargo's Noah Hawley in charge. That may go some way to explaining this madcap preview. The wackiness of the teaser would imply that Haller's powers involve visions and hallucinations, which may or may not involve Aubrey Plaza's character, a bucketful of ayahuasca, and jazz hands. I don't know about you but I'm stoked to see this. 

Legion is expected to premiere sometime in early 2017. 

Images: FX

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