From our screenshots you'll be able to spot the Swan station (the first hatch found by the castaways) and the Hydra station, which is used by the Others to hold Jack, Kate and Sawyer at the beginning of series three. Indoor locations will offer some respite from outdoor threats like the Black Smoke monster, but come with their own problems. For example, there are timed puzzles such as repairing mechanical gear and accessing computers, and we'll take no more bets on having to enter the code 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 into the Swan station computer, though hopefully not every 108 minutes. We're also promised some surprise locations and Easter eggs - even the teaser trailer contained the secret message "Find us… and we will show you the way" on the computer screen Locke sits in front of.

In between the playable flashbacks and the sorties into the jungle, the rest of your time is spent chatting to the castaways and even the Others to obtain more clues, make things happen and trigger major events. One of the show's writers is on board to polish up the dialogue, so we're looking forward to being on the receiving end of one of Sawyer's cutting nicknames. Given that Ethan Rom turned out to be an Other and the Tailies had to put up with night-time abductions and the revelation that Goodwin was an Other spy, it's no surprise many of the castaways will be suspicious, threatening and possibly even violent towards you as you probe and interfere in their business.