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LOL review

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  • Funny with clever friends
  • Need only one cart
  • Allows for creativity


  • Round setter often wins
  • No frills
  • no depth
  • Not funny with unfunny friends

LOL is only as funny as the acquaintances you play it with and if, as in our case, your acquaintances have a predilection for cartoon anatomy and a seemingly never-ending supply of meanness about whoever%26rsquo;s mother, it%26rsquo;s very funny indeed. To put none too fine a point on it, this is Pictochat dressed up as a quiz show. Four DSes link to one cart. One player decides the theme of the round and dictates the time given to complete it. Everyone scribbles madly before the round%26rsquo;s host shows off the entries one by one and everyone votes on the most gigglesome. Our first round, a rather tame %26lsquo;draw a horse%26rsquo;, was met with stony gazes and one cartoon phallus. This set in motion one of the most hoot-filled %26ndash; and gross %26ndash; hours in our history.

Draw this. Answer that. Finish the sentence. The trick to enjoyment is being able to devise interesting challenge formats %26ndash; there are only so many crude doodles you can chortle at %26ndash; but it would%26rsquo;ve been nice had Route24 included a menu of format suggestions. As it is, the round setter often wins %26ndash; only because they already had a humorous answer lined up when they devised the task. Outside of this Wi-Fi silliness is, well, er, there%26rsquo;s nothing outside it. The game doesn%26rsquo;t even have a main menu, booting straight into search for other DSes. No-frills stuff and, in humourless hands, no fun either.

Jul 21, 2008

More Info

GenreOther Games/Compilations
DescriptionIn this party game you make the questions by writing them with the stylus. While drawing dirty pictures entertains for a while, it probably won't hold interest for long, especially if your friends aren't funny.
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating
Release date:30 May 2008 (US), (UK)
Available platforms:DS
Genre:Other Games/Compilations
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