Link to the Past hits the VC

Slowly but surely we’re getting the Virtual Console games we really care about. Case in point; right now you can download The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in all its SNES 16-bit glory. Pawn your Dreamcast or sell your POGs on eBay. Just get rid of whatever useless junk you can to scrape together 800 points and download one of the best games ever made. It doesn’t matter that you already have it or haven’t quite finished Twilight Princess yet. Everyone's doing it.

Above: This box art caused millions to freak out in 1992. Today we get nerd chills

Nintendo wisely refrained from dumping any stellar crap onto our Wiis this week. No Baseball or Urban Champion today, my friends. That’s right. Link to the Past was the only game released today. Wise move, Nintendo. Now, give us Majora’s Mask and we’ll never leave our homes.

January 22, 2007