Available on: PSP, DS

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Knights in the Nightmare Unlockables

  • Play as Astart

    Play as Astart - Beat the game
    Submitted by stan
  • Yggdra Hosts Tutorial

    To have Yggdra from Yggdra Union host the tutorials for Knights in the Nightmare, simply view the tutorials with Yggdra Union inserted into the GBA slot.
    Submitted by stan
  • Harder Difficulties

    Hard mode - Beat the game on Normal mode
    Nightmare mode - Beat the game on Hard mode
    Submitted by Dragon

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More Info

Release date: Nov 09 2010 - PSP
Jun 02 2009 - DS (US)
Available Platforms: PSP, DS
Genre: Strategy
Published by: Atlus
Developed by: STING
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Alcohol Reference, Suggestive Themes, Tobacco Reference, Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Language