Into The Blue review

Jessica Alba in a swimsuit. That’s all you need to know about John Stockwell’s underwater thriller, a thinly reworked version of The Deep that puts story a distant second to the Sin City starlet’s bodacious beach bod (and Paul Walker’s umpteen-pack stomach). Walker is the cash-strapped fortune hunter who finds a downed plane with a cache of heroin in the shark-infested waters of the Bahamas. He decides to leave it well alone, but he has an opportunistic buddy in tow (Scott Caan), who tries to flog the skag back to its owner...

Oh, and did we mention that Alba wears a swimsuit and Walker has great pecs? If either of the above appeal, you will gladly tolerate a dopey script that freely subverts logic. Though Caan has his moments, there’s really only one reason to see Into The Blue - and it’s back at the start of this review...


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