Internet devours GTA IV trailer

The first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV was seemingly the only thing anyone could talk about yesterday. It answered a few burning questions that fans had about the next chapter of the watershed car-crime series, but it opened the floodgates on thousands more. Is the setting New York or a redesigned version of Liberty City? Will human trafficking be part of gameplay? Will we be able to go into all those cool buildings, or are they just for show?

Sadly, there's only so much we can glean from 63 seconds of video, most of which is time-lapse landscape shots. But a few outlets dedicated their evenings to wringing every scrap of information they could from each of its frames, and they make for an entertaining read. Our brothers-in-arms in the UK did a fascinating shot-for-shot comparison of the trailer's landmarks with their real-life New York counterparts, and our sister site CVG has compiled a list of 10 things you might have missed, even on repeated viewings.

And then there's the reaction from fans, which tended to be slightly less insightful. Arguments exploded everywhere; some caught that the setting was Liberty City, others were convinced it was New York (and angry at anyone who said otherwise), and still others were rabidly upset at the thought of the main character being "Hispanic." That's a real quote, and it's wrong on a ridiculous number of levels.  

Still others announced that they already hated the story and gameplay, which was funny, since the trailer didn't show any of either. From Kotaku to GameFaqs, every self-appointed expert on the web had ideas about the trailer that ranged from sharp to repugnant. Here are a few of our favorites, all unedited and pulled from the GameFaqs forums almost immediately after the trailer hit:

"I hope that guy in the trailer is not the character you play with because he looks stupid" - AutoMAG56

"my sister-in-law's family is russian and they are a bad-ass people to star in a game.. my brother's wedding was flooded with vodka and dancing, and killing... nas darovia! (sp?)" - masonator2002

"Ugh… Why can't it just be an American?" - CTImp

"its new york .... americans dont reckognize new york when they see it and think its liberty city LOL" - beverlyholzkill

"If you take the time to look people are complaining that he's Russian even though he is white." - rioracer916

"are you retarded!!!! its gonna be the best game ever!!!!!!! everyone better frickin buy it!!!" - AssaultKing50


(Actually, we really liked that last one.)

March 30, 2007


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