GRAW 2 Multiplayer Strategy Blowout - Part Two

There really isn’t an easy way to win at good old Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. There’s no single tactic that works every time, or any one strategy that will help you to blitz your opponents on each map and mode. It’s a game that rewards experience, a sharp eye and a quick trigger finger. However, by knowing how to play each level, you can give yourself the edge, and on the battlefield, this is what makes the difference between the first casualty and the last man standing.

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General tips

Flanking is the key to any team game. When players advance, they naturally keep an eye towards the center of each map, so if you’ve flanked them, there’s more chance of getting a few all-important shots at them before they manage to spot you. Nine times out of ten, the player who sees his opponent first will get the kill.

Another essential tactic is to watch your warning indicators. The red flashes show you where the bullets are flying, so don’t just rush towards them - think about how you’re going to approach the fight without exposing yourself. Use suppressed weapons on the tighter levels to avoid enemies honing in on your fire - you lose power in your shots, but it’s more important to stay hidden. On larger levels, you’ll probably have a bit of extra time to move before anyone actually arrives, so you shouldn’t need to bother with the suppressors.

Scenery obviously plays a big part in each game too. Hide behind whatever you can, and never rush out into open areas - there will always be another way to get to your destination. It’s not just solid objects either. Use the light to your advantage. Dappled shade and the darkness inside buildings make for great hiding spots.

As for weapons: there isn’t an enormous amount of difference between guns of the same class. We kept coming back to the Rx4 Storm Rifle as a safe, all round choice (well safe for us, obviously...), and the M107 Sniper for long-range work.

On to the maps...

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