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God of War PS2 review

Rip ancient Greece a new one


  • Fighting never feels like a chore
  • Puzzles challenging
  • but not obtuse
  • Brutal action makes for guilty pleasure


  • Aging PS2 chokes on lavish graphics
  • Nudity invites eventual moral uproar
  • Kratos' cruelty will shock the jaded

Kratos is in a bad mood. No, wait, that's an understatement. He's in the worst mood imaginable, and he's ready to take out his anger on the entire Greek pantheon if it means getting revenge on the god who drove him mad.

A mythological epic, God of War casts players as Kratos, a rage-fueled maniac with a pair of nasty-looking swords chained to his arms. His life destroyed by Ares, the god of war, Kratos wants to find Pandora's Box and use its power to kill his divine nemesis. Standing between him and the box is the stunningly beautiful, usually dangerous Greek countryside and an army of monsters straight out of legend. And before he's through, Kratos will literally rip them all to shreds.

With its simple,visceral 3D action, God of War plays a little like Devil May Cry. But instead of using acrobatics and gunplay, you commit horrifying acts of rage against the assorted minotaurs, satyrs and gorgons that get in your way. Kratosdeals some serious damage right out the gate, swinging his magic swords around like whips and bringing down monsters hundreds of times his size. Smacking enemiesaround has a fun, natural flow to it, and it's easy to bust out elaborate combos by just mashing buttons.

More Info

DescriptionPull off harpy wings, unscrew gorgon heads and rip undead warriors in half like phone books.
US censor ratingMature
UK censor rating18+
Release date:22 March 2005 (US), 8 July 2005 (UK)
Available platforms:PS2


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