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One of the newest sites on this list, Dawdle takes a different approach from just about everybody. It's not a game trading site - it's more of a game-specific auction site. You search for a game, and if someone has put it up for an auction, you put in a bid on it. "Bid" meaning "offer to give them money". Which makes us wonder what makes Dawdle any different from eBay.

It does give you more precision in listing or finding the exact item you have or want. For instance, if you'll only accept games that have a case and manual in perfect condition, or from sellers with a four-star rating or higher, you can look for that. However, Dawdle is still very new and has a long way to go before it can match the selection of other game trading sites, let alone eBay. And as we've said, it still takes money - something we're trying to avoid giving up.

This one's actually a train wreck, which we've included only to show you how good some of the other options look by comparison. If you go to the Barterbee homepage, then enter the gaming section, you'll notice a HUGE list of platforms most of the other sites don't support: 3DO, Intellivision, Sega Genesis. But what you won't find is a link for Wii titles.

Don't worry: Barterbee still has Wii games. You just have to search for them. Or maybe they don't. Heck, we can't tell. We're still trying to figure out why the search results for "all games - letter S" gives us SSX, then Scarface, then StarCraft, then Seek and Destroy. Who alphabetizes this stuff? And once we did manage to get a list made of things we want, Barterbee's attempts to email us and tell us things were available failed miserably - the emails never showed box art, never said what the games were, and just linked back to the Barterbee home page.

Just like the many other, better sites, Barterbee uses a point system instead of real money - and you can set your own prices for the things you're offering. Which is probably why we found people trying to charge us $39 for Red Dead Revolver, which you can get for $5 on Goozex and $4 used on Amazon - there's a link to it right on the Barterbee page. Barterbee also trades DVDs and CDs, but honestly? If you choose this over the other choices we've listed here, you're a masochist and we think you should get help before your self-loathing gets someone hurt.